Medicare supplement plans

A person can enroll in the Medicare supplement plans 2019 from 15th of October to 7th of December. Before enrolling in the Medicare Supplement plan, you should first review your current Medicare coverage, and if you find yourself comfortable with your current Medicare coverage even then you should check out the new Medicare Supplement plans because it is possible that you may find a new plan which suits your budget and health needs. Still, before enrolling in the new plan, you should first check new plan thoroughly. You should also check whether you are eligible or not and following are eligibility conditions:

Eligibility conditions can be found by visiting

A person is eligible for the health Supplement plans if:

  • He/she already has Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • He/she does not have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD.
  • Person resides in the same place where plan is being offered. A person can also inquire about the service area of company if he does not have any idea. Furthermore, if you plan to live in another area of state, then you should confirm that whether plan provides coverage there for not.

Dates to remember for 2018

September of 2018:

  • During this month “2018 Medicare & You” magazines are sent to people who are enrolled in Medicare.
  • Health plan providers begin to inform enrolled people about any sort of modifications to their offered plans in 2017.

October of 2018

  • Option of compare and purchase becomes available on on 1st of October.
  • Health insurance starts mailing information regarding modifications in year 2018during this month too.
  • The star ratings to Health and Drug plans become available on on 12th of October.
  • The enrollment for health insurance Supplement plans begins on 15th of October.

December of 2018

  • The enrollment for health insurance supplement plans closes on 7th of December.

January of 2017

  • Health insurance Supplement plan’s coverage starts on 1st of January.

Quality ratings

Star rating decides that what will be quality of a certain Health or Drug Plan.  CMS assigns these ratings, and five-star rating represents best quality.  Rating is based on things like customer service, satisfaction level of a customer, customer’s experience, and quality of health care being offered. Generally, a rating of 3.5 is considered to be normal and this means that the private insurance providers should make sure that they provide good customer service and maintain their quality.