A Brief Take on Roles Played by Photographers

The war in Ukraine has been dominating the news, Thanks to advancements in technology, genuine reports and not fake news are being brought to light. Unfortunately though, we are seeing countless civilians getting killed, while others have lost their homes. Millions have been fleeing and flocking to neighboring countries to avoid the blatant atrocities of Putin’s war crimes. Newsmen and photo journalists also fearlessly face the dangers alongside Ukranians defending their country. Sadly two of them have fallen and met their untimely demise.

The bold large letters PRESS were useless as they have been ignored by the Russian forces. Pierre Zakrzewski, a Fox News photojournalist died from the incoming artllery released by Russian soldiers somewhere near the capital city of Kyiv. Apparently, not letting photojournalists capture actual footages of the war, plays right into Putin’s strategy of suppressing information about the ongoing violence being inflicted by Russian forces on Ukranian civilians.

Pierre Zakrzewski, was the second journalist to have died in the ongoing armed conflict launched by Russia against Ukraine. A few days earlier, Brent Renaud, an award-winning American freelance journalist who was covering the plight of the Ukrainian refugees for Time magazine died. Russian soldiers opened fire on the car Renaud and other newsmen were riding in.

What Exactly Does a Photo Journalist Do?

A photojournalist is also into news reporting as he or she captures images of someone or something in real time location and circumstances. He displays them in a way that will tell a visual story.

Through photographs, a photojournalist interprets and conveys information about the subject matter so that the whole world knows the truth.

Photojournalists a Favorite Character Portrayed in Some of the Most Memorable Movies

Not a few movies are based on the life and work of photographers, although their stories are not always of war and destruction.

The 1983 movie “Under Fire” for one is a war drama set in Nicaragua depicting the last days of the Somoza regime sometime in 1979. The story revolves around a photographer who inadvertently took a photograph of someone who should not be in that place at that time and in the company of the wrong people. The Nicaraguan revolution became more than just an assignment for the photo journalist, as someone in the new regimehad given orders to kill them.

The 2004 movie Closer is not exactly about photojournalism as the photographer is involved in a simple task of creating a photograph for a book cover. However, the project becomes complicated as there were elements of deceit and revenge that photographer had to face.

A photojournalist can cut a dashing figure the way Clint Eastwood portrayed his role in the 1996 drama movie “The Bridges of Madison County” opposite Meryl Streep. Clint Eastwood plays a photographer of National Geographic, who while taking photographs of the historical bridges of Madison county found himself emtagled in a romantic affair with a comely housewife played by Meryl Streep.

In conclusion, the aforementioned movies provide exampIes of some of the joys and risks experienced by photographers. Perhaps,one of these days Movie reviews on movierulz, will get to feature some of the most popular movies about photographers and photojournalists.